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  1. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. it’s all about somebody/something. it’s all about somebody/something used to say who or what is important in a situation It’s all about money, and who’s got the most. → about.
  2. What’s It All About? Revisiting Sonny Rollins’s Score For ‘Alfie’ In the British romantic comedy Alfie starring Michael Caine, it’s Sonny Rollins’s score that steals the leading role.
  3. May 06,  · As its name implies, the Kodak STEP Instant Print Digital Camera, available for $70 on Amazon, lets you take a picture and print it out on that very .
  4. what's that (all) about (then)? definition: 1. used when you do not understand why something or someone is so popular or fashionable: 2. used. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus.
  5. Aug 23,  · Oxygen is what it's all about. We make energy from it," you would mean that oxygen is the essence of the cellular respiration process. In another example, you might say " Numerous criminal charges have been leveled on both sides, but politics is what it's all about," meaning that politics is the essence of the controversy.
  6. College: What It’s All About and Why It Matters You might think that college is just high school continued, but it’s not. College opens doors for you that high school doesn’t. And college can change you and shape you in ways that you might not imagine.
  7. "What's It All About" is the second single from Run–D.M.C.'s fifth studio album, Back from Hell. It was released on September 14, , through Profile Records and was produced by the three members of the group. The song would prove to be the most successful single from the critically panned album, peaking at number 24 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart and number four on the Hot Rap Format: CD, Vinyl, Cassette.
  8. Lyrics to 'That's What It's All About' by Brooks & Dunn. Hey. Well you work and you slave and you spend all day in your thankless job. Then you jump in your Ford. Door to Door. With a hombound mob.

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