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  1. The Girl On The Bridge is the story of a young woman with the weight of a generation on her shoulders. Having survived her own struggles and dealing with the loss of her friend Jazz has irrefutable insight into a subject society has only begun to grapple with. This is a film about hope.
  2. AN EERIE photograph of the old train bridge where the two Indiana girls Abigail Williams and Liberty German were abducted and murdered was posted four years ago on Facebook by Abigail’s mother.
  3. The Girl on the Bridge traces two years in the life of mental health crusader and suicide survivor Jazz Thornton. Thornton is co-founder of Voices of Hope, a charity supporting young New Zealanders struggling with mental illness. The documentary records her mission to make a web series about Jess, a friend who took her own life.
  4. For the film, see Girl on the Bridge. The Girl on the Bridge is a American film shot in black and white cowritten and directed by Hugo Haas. It stars Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels and Robert Dane.
  5. May 09,  · When a woman commits suicide by jumping off a bridge into icy waters, it starts a chain of events resulting in several murders. Hannah was gang-raped in college twelve years before and never received justice. But someone decides to seek it for her. McCabe and Savage are detectives in Portland, Maine where one of the cases of revenge takes place/5().
  6. Jul 23,  · The Girl On The Bridge, directed by award winning New Zealand filmmaker Leanne Pooley is a glimpse into a world few of us comprehend. This 5/5(1).
  7. The Girl on the Bridge The story of a young woman with the weight of a generation on her shoulders. Having survived her own suicidal struggles Jazz Thornton is a mental health activist, fighting to change how society and the system are dealing with young people like her.
  8. And because of this, A Bridge for Girls recognizes the gap in opportunity for young women has widened, while the inability to be acknowledged causes many to feel and become virtually invisible. A Bridge For Girls Fund is partnering with Save Generations, a non-profit organization based in Kigali, Rwanda.

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