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  1. a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others. a person who spends possessions or money extravagantly or wastefully; spendthrift. a well-intentioned but naive and often .
  2. A Frenchman followed them, pale and elaborate, a "one-nighter," as Amedeo instantly decided in his mind.
  3. “The One Nighter” has an exciting story line that never fails to surprise you (I especially liked the twist at the end) and the characte I loved the cover and the blurb sounded pretty good too. I was looking forward to reading it, however, when I did finally get the time to read it I was surprised/5.
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  5. In reality, one night stands between people who've picked up each other in a bar lead to sex, sleep and regret; the one cannot leave fast enough in the morning, and the other is equally anxious for you to be gone. Meaningless sex is the goal of a one night stand, but it's a cute fantasy that meaningless sex can lead to a tubligetotisicilosachuterro.coinfoor: Mark Wales.
  6. Mar 20,  · About “One Nighter” 2 contributors This melodic track is the first collaboration between Boogie and YFN Lucci. In celebration of Boogie´s recent .
  7. Re-creating a 70s classic will be a special June 10 one-nighter of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which - with the help of surround-sounds, robots and sound effects - reunites the original radio cast who introduced us to the world of comic sci-fi series. Dance, the Bard and a bumper musical treat top the bill.
  8. Sheherazade's Tales, on May 15, is a one-nighter in the Gulbenkian, with storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton relating her steamy version of The Thousand And One Nights for an adult audience. Celebration of the world's free spirits.

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