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  1. Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth": There's something happening here But what it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over th.
  2. Feb 20,  · The radio was playing "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield, the folk-rock group led by Stephen Stills and Neil Young. "I vividly remember thinking, 'Wow, what a cool song,' " .
  3. for what it's worth For whatever value or merit it seems to have (to you). This expression, which normally precedes the expression of one’s opinion on a controversial topic, implies that the listener may not think much of it, but there it is, anyway.
  4. "For What It's Worth" is performed by an opossum and a chorus of woodland animals on episode of The Muppet Show. The song was originally released as a single by the band Buffalo Springfield. When it became a success, they included it on a re-release of their self-titled debut album. The sketch features three inept Whatnot hunters (including Gramps and Date:
  5. Jul 23,  · July 23, 12 Comments CANDLEBOX has released a riveting new rendition of Buffalo Springfield 's s iconic protest anthem "For What It's Worth". According to frontman Kevin Martin, this is.
  6. for what it’s worth infml used to show that you know someone may not care, but you are going to say something anyway: Nonetheless, I’d like to give my opinion, for what it’s worth.
  7. Nov 11,  · According to one legend, Stills played it for one of the group’s managers, prefacing it with, “Let me play you a song, for what it’s worth.” Springfield singer-guitarist Richie Furay recalls he.
  8. Barry from Sauquoit, Ny On January 21st , the Buffalo Springfield performed "For What It's Worth" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand' Exactly one week later on January 28th it entered Billboard's Hot Top chart; and on March 19th it peaked at #7 (for 2 weeks) and spent 15 weeks on the Top
  9. Jul 31,  · For What It's Worth Cases, controversies, the occasional water-cooler rant and news about Cook County judges and judicial elections Feel free to browse here or on page two of this blog. Friday, July 31, It is time for the disruptions to stop.

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