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  1. We should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. And when we have mastered all of that, operating at about the same moral level as Mahatma Gandhi, the Dali Llama, and Mother Theresa, then our Lord concludes with the simple challenge: Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect [v].
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  4. the increase in TELOS class fees was reduced to an additional $6 resulting in a total of $85 for most classes. By Bryan Leyton Danni Shen Kathleen Gabriel iPhone – Tips, tricks and personal safety niques as “tap Paul and Tina Schmid led two seminars on iPhone usage, basic and advanced. This really has led me to love my phone.
  5. The king and queen of Telos, Ra and Rana Mu, ascended masters who are also twin flames, form one aspect of the government of Telos. They are the ultimate rulers of Telos. The second form of government is the local Council, called the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos, consisting of 12 ascended masters, where 6 men and 6 women serve on the.
  6. In Telos, we are honored to join hearts with you to assist in the unification of our two civilizations. We send you much love from Telos, where this divine energy flows in great abundance. Until we meet, keep practicing the heart sing. I now know him as .
  7. Telos is also called "The Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays." In the future Telos will manifest on the planet's surface. There will be a merging of Telos and Mount Shasta City (Jones "About Mount Shasta"). Telos is a large city about million inhabitants. The city exists in a dome.
  8. Telos love is the enduring, just, toll-bearing, goal of all human experience grounded in God’s undying, debt-paying love for us. Humanity has failed, but God’s love has prevailed. Amen. James Rafferty. Pastor at Fall Creek Adventist Church. James pastors the Fall Creek Adventist Church in Fall Creek, Oregon.
  9. Sing with us and sing to us. Sing about us as we sing about you. Our love for you knows no boundaries, and our hearts play with yours always. We love you. PS. Please take note that this message from the Children of Telos, as a collective, is not necessarily given by young children, as we perceive children here on the surface.

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